Fake JQuery hack Joomla and WordPress sites!

How to fix hacked website?

Hackers are injecting malicious code, utilizing the jQuery JavaScript library and corrupting Joomla and WordPress websites. Till date around 4.5 million registered users have had their domain hacked. These malign codes were traceable in about millions of files.

Hackers are now set to target Magento sites too. In fact, only last week an e-commerce domain built on Magento has been compromised with malicious codes.

WordPress site hacked? No need to panic.

First, let’s learn how to prevent hacking and then we can deal with fixing a hacked site.

  1. Delete plugins and images that are no longer in use from your site.
  2. Avoid using defaults and free services. Pay up and prevent compromising your site.
  3. Change password after every two months. Also, keep a strong and long password. Try using a secure password generator.
  4. Integrate site with WordPress plugins only.
  5. Make sure the hosting is secured.
  6. Take advantage of security features that hosting company has to offer.
  7. Get a backup of your site and regularly update it.

How to fix a hacked WordPress site?

  • Take your site down for repair purposes. Check out the backend of your WordPress site.
  • Take prior instruction and help from the hosting provider.
  • Work on site restoration from hosting provider’s system.
  • Access database files that store content, excluding, plugins, themes and media files and don’t forget to change the passwords. You can get hold of the passwords via hosting control panel.
  • Taking down the site does is not an easy process. You cannot do it by simply renaming directories. You will have to first make a new folder and give the similar name to it.
  • Once done, your site will become offline and there will be the isolation of the old WP installation.

Check on with your IT experts or hosting providers for further assistance. We can also help you fix your hacked site. Get in touch with us with the details and one of our team members will follow-up with you ASAP!  

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