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How fast can you finish a single task/job?

The minimum time-frame for a single job request delivery is 45 minutes, depending on task and its requirements. We try to complete a task within 2 hours from the time you send your request.

Unlimited WordPress help & support? Do you really mean it?

Yes! We offer unlimited WordPress help and support to our customers, as long as, they request a reasonable number of tasks.

If you cannot tackle my WordPress issue or problem, will I get back my money?

We are an experienced team of WordPress web developers. We’ve completed over 4000 customer projects till date. So, we’re pretty confident that we will be able to solve your Wordpress issue. However, we will refund your subscription fee for that specific month, if the task is not done under any circumstance.

Can I use Skype or gtalk to discuss the issues with you first?

We try to keep the process as simple and smooth as possible. So, we have kept emails, as the primary source of communication with our clients. Though we have an onsite chat tool, which you can use for further discussion.

What does WordPress Pro Security Bundle cover?

  • 24x7 live chat and email support
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Theme & plugin upgrades
  • Monthly security audit
  • Hacker Protection
  • Complete Website Hack Cleanup

What is Wordpress SEO bundle:

  • On-page SEO Audit
  • SEO Repair
  • 20 step SEO improvement list

Will you guys offer any discount, if I sign-up for a year?

Sorry. But currently, we are not offering any yearly plan or discount for a year long subscription. You can subscribe to our 3-month plan and make the most of our awesome services!

I have a WooCommerce website. Can I subscribe to ACCELERATE package?

Sure, you can. But we will not work on any edits related to WooCommerce.

Can you explain the process once again please?

Sure. It is very simple. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign-up and subscribe to one of our packages.
  • Once done, you will receive a welcome email from us.
  • All you need to do is, respond to that email, providing the details of your task request.
  • One of our developers will analyze your request and details and get back to your ASAP.
  • The maximum Turnaround Time for a single job delivery is 2 hours.
  • You can also reach us or email your task requirements to
  • Make sure to mention the ORDER ID.

Can you guys design and develop WordPress sites for me? is dedicated to fix WordPress problems and issues only, like working on small edits, fixing technical glitches, etc. for WP sites/blogs.

If you need a website designed and developed, you can get in touch with our friends at Quadrant Technology. They can help you out with your custom website design and development needs.

How can I tell whether my task is going to take more than minutes or not?

You can email us at or chat with one of our experts via the onsite chat tool and together we can determine the exact duration for your job request.

Will you take care of all my WordPress websites?

Sorry, out plan is for a single website only. If you have more than one website, you can buy packages for each site.

Are you guys available during the weekends?

We’re available 24/7. Though we love to have weekend time-outs, you can always find us available to solve your WordPress problem.

Can I get ongoing SEO services?

We don’t offer SEO services, but we do provide services like, Google Analytics Code Installation, Adwords Code installation, etc.

My WordPress site got hacked. Can you guys help me retrieve it?

Yes, we offer hacked site retrieval services. However, success rate depends case to case. Please email us your website URL and all relevant details here and we will get back to you ASAP.

We are an agency. Can you guys support our customers?

Sure. Just buy a subscription and let us know the issues.

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